Clear Lab Safety Glasses 12/box


SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASIONS: Saliva Droplets Proof in Public Places, Laboratories, Driving, Decorate construction, Cutting, Carpentry and Other Labor Protection; Outdoor Sports, etc.

EXCELLENT QUALITY: High-quality PC material, high strength, strong transparency, light weight.

SPLASH PROOF: The Safety are Waterproof and Impact Resistant, Can be Used in Public Places, Which can Prevent other People’s Saliva and Sneezing Droplets from Directly Splashing into the Eye Mucosa to be Infected.

DESIGN: Large Frame Design, It can be Worn at the Same Time as Ordinary Myopia Glasses, Comfortable Design of the Nose Pad, It will not Feel Uncomfortable Even if Worn for a ling time, The Temples Tips Can be Adjusted According to Any Head Shape to Ensure Comfort.